Workflow and Learnflow

I have been using the words workflow and learnflow in conjunction with learning in the modern world.

Workflow is defined by Wikipedia as:

The sequence of industrial, administrative, or other processes through which a piece of work passes from initiation to completion.

In an iPad classroom environment, a workflow takes on the shape of having a strategically selected toolkit of apps available and knowing what app to use for specific purposes. When a workflow exists, students and teachers know what steps to take to

  1. receive information
  2. edit, format, remix and create information (sometimes using several apps to obtain the desired results)
  3. save information
  4. share, send and disseminate information

For example a screencasting workflow on the iPad  using and app, such as Explain Everything, would look as follows:

  1. import selected images needed
  2. add annotations (text, arrows, shapes) as well as audio recordings to explain concept
  3. save the movie
  4. share the movie by emailing it or uploading it to video sharing site


A learnflow is when the individual steps of a workflow are not viewed as individual steps, but are rendered unconsciously, smoothly and effortlessly.
The learnflow is part of the fluency, the iPad user has attained in order to not see using individual apps as a goal, but their use have become merely a tool in the pedagogical aim of learning.


The path of learning takes me smoothly from reading information to evaluating then curating to effortlessly manage the information. As I learn, I unconsciously reflect, share and amplify my thoughts. My learning is intrinsically connected to a cycle of connecting, communicating, collaborating and publishing. It has become my learnflow.