Eduplanet21 Learning Path: Globally Connected Educator


As part of Curriculum21 Social Learning Institute and in collaboration with Eduplanet21, I have authored a Learning Path for the Globally Connected Educator. Take a look at the modules offered. If you are interested, Eduplanet is giving away 5  free access codes to the learning path.  Continue reading to find out how to claim one of these free access passes.

Heidi Hayes Jacobs, author of Curriculum21 and the upcoming book series on Contemporary Perspectives on Literacy, created the introduction to my Learning Path.

I started my educational career as a World Language teacher. From the beginning, I tried to instill in my students the awareness that we are NOT alone in this world. Since the 1990s, I created websites to share lessons, ideas and ways to connect my students to the world. Social networking platforms, like blogs, video conferencing and micro-blogging came as the perfect solution to not only share OUT , but to bring IN the world.

As Vicki Davis, co-founder of the Flat Classroom Project expressed before, I wanted to not only talk to my students about the world, but support them in talking TO the world.

The world around us, the way we learn, my role as an educator has changed. I have become the facilitator to help students create content,  find opportunities for authentic learning experiences that are relevant and meaningful.


Through strategically designed readings and activities, you will take steps from a traditionally local isolated educator to a globally connected learner.

Module 1

We are going to RAISE AWARENESS by Defining Global Literacy, Global Learning and Global Competence. I will give you tips and suggestions how to become more globally aware.

Module 2

We are asking you to make a COMMITMENT to Global Learning. Do you recognize the urgency of global education? Can you articulate and advocate for your students to become globally literate?

Module 3

We will introduce you to four selected tools and highlight their built in ability to support you in learning , collaborating and connecting globally. The activities will give you a sandbox to try out and play with features and through carefully selected videos and articles show you real examples from the classroom as these tools are used to connect to the curriculum.

Module 4

will help you start building a Personal Learning Network. We will look at establishing yourself as a “brand”. How do you get started in selecting, following and learning from other committed educators?

Module 5

we will take a look at amplifying your curriculum. We will help you define amplification and create a ripple effect of a lesson of your own choosing.

If you would like to receive 1 of 5 free access passes to the Globally Connected Educator Learning Path, send me an email, explaining the reason why you believe becoming a globally connected educator will help make a difference to you and your students.

If you are interested in taking a peek at the course on Eduplanet21, click here to log in and  you will be taken to the Globally Connected Learning Path