Most Read Posts and Most Commented Posts from 2013

In the spirit of looking back to 2013, here is a short compilation of posts, you might want to take a second (or first) look.


The following are the most read posts on Langwitches in 2013

  1. Bloom’s Taxonomy and iPad Apps
  2. iPad Apps and Bloom’s Taxonomy
  3. Upgrade your KWL Chart to the 21st Century

The following are the posts that received the most comments (according to WordPress stats) in 2013

  1. Get Over It!
  2. Thoughts on iPad Fluency and Workflows
  3. What the iPad Is and What it Isn’t
  4. Citing an Image is Not Enough!
  5. I have iPads in the Classroom! Now What?
  6. No! You Can’t Just Take It!