Digital Citizenship Exploration

Our 7th grade students are exploring the concept of digital citizenship in their advisory classes (unfortunately only three- 30 minute classes). Below you will find the slide deck with lesson progression, chosen videos, resources and visible thinking routines chosen for the time frame



Using the Think-Puzzle- Explore Visible Thinking routine from Project Zero, students will use their blogs to document their prior knowledge, any questions as well as their thoughts on how they will explore the topic further.



After class writes and reads each other’s blog posts, spark a discussion about the following terms. Did they come up in students’ blog posts? What other ones were mentioned? What further terms are associated with the ones already mentioned?



As a class watch the following  videos dealing with cyberbullying, online/offline identity, sharing and digital footprint. 


Allow students time to explore further resources (searching on their own) or get started with the following sites. Remind them to search a variety of media platforms (infographics, videos, web sites, slide decks, etc.)


Discuss the following infographic by Mia MacMeekin .


Ask students to use the following visible thinking routine, I used to think… but now I think...


Here is the slide deck shared with students after their initial blog post.