Google Glass: Recording at Schools

I am continuing to document using Google Glass at Schools.

What are some ways we can use Google Glass in schools to document learning, reflections, practices and just life at schools?


I brainstormed a few scenarios, I wanted to try out:

  • teacher planning
  • professional development highlights
  • student perspective
  • self-evaluation/reflection
  • interviews
  • conferencing
  • PE skill practice
  • on the spot reflection
  • tutorials
  • videos for flipped classroom
  • Share your school with others (Admission, Recruiting, Marketing)


First of all, let me thank all the “brave” teachers at Graded, The American School of São Paulo, who trusted me, were adventurous and jumped in with both feet when I approached them about testing Google Glass.

  • They brainstormed with me potential uses to benefit their teaching and learning.
  • They were gracious about being recorded.
  • They were natural and professionals in  using Google Glass on their own with little more than the instructions of: Put them on your nose, say “OK, Glass” when you see the time on the screen and then say “Record a Video”.

Below you will see snippets of different scenarios. Some of the snippets make it obvious that Google Glass was acting as a substitute for any other device with camera possibilities,. Some of the snippets though show:

  • a unique perspective from the videographer’s point of view.
  • the videographer has two free hands to demonstrate, work, drive, show action.
  • show that the people being filmed were more at ease (instead of a camera obviously pointing at them) and “almost forgot” that I was recording them. This lessened anxiety in some.
  • the potential of the easy access through voice activation of the camera. No interruption of having to pull out the cellphone or grab a camera device.
  • the spontaneity of being able to record a moment in time.

Thank you to Rens (6th grade Graded student) for creating the music used in the above video clip.

Are there any scenarios that you could think of where a device, such as Google Glass could help to enhance and contribute to experience transformational learning and teaching. Share your thoughts… I am ready to explore further.