Student Tutorials- MineCraft, How to Ride a Horse, iMovie and more

It is no secret, that I am a big fan of Alan November‘s Digital Learning Farm concept. I especially believe in Teaching is the Highest Form of Understanding and the power of motivation and demonstration of evidence of student learning via the Tutorial Designer role.

See a myriad of blog post on the topic over the years:

At the beginning of the  year, I was tasked to redesign the school’s 1:1 Toolkit Class at my new school. With the end in mind, I wanted students to learn basic skills along the way (movie making,  screencasting, blogging, copyright, etc.) and allowed them to create tutorials to teach other either about a specific tech skill or any other topic that they were interested in. We also reached out to the world via a survey to receive authentic feedback what type of tutorials would be of interest to a wider audience and took the results as a guide as students developed a variety of tutorials.

Here are a few results