Week 4 MOOC- Coaching Teachers: Promoting Changes That Stick

This is Week 4 of the MOOC-Coaching Teachers: Promoting Changes that Stick by Match Education.

Week 4 talks about Quality of Feedback and follows Week 1:Big Ideas about Effective Teacher Coaching, Week 2: Fixed Mindset Tax and Week 3: Clarity of Instructional Vision

See my sketchnotes below.

I am seeing the benefits of organizing, summarizing, sketching the main points of my notes. The process of sketching, the time spent thinking about the content as I am sketching, seems to cement the content, the relationships and connections of the content at a different level than text note taking alone.

I am wondering if 6 months down the road, I still will be able to recall more details of the information from the MOOC by simply looking at the sketchnote?