A Twitter Goodbye

As I am preparing to leave Brazil to return to home base in Florida, many goodbyes are slowly being exchanged. We said goodbye to our students on the last day of the school year today…we have had several goodbye dinners with friends and colleagues…

I don’t do well with goodbyes… too many of them as a Third Culture Kid with a mobile family stretched around the globe.

Yesterday my colleagues from Graded-The American School of São Paulo, have truly showered me with a wonderful goodbye present. They have collaborated and written their goodbyes in 140 characters or less, connected them with #hashtags and shared them with me at the year end party. Special thanks go out to Claire ArcenasSilvana Meneghini and Laurel Janewicz for even sharing and amplifying the snippets live on Twitter.

Compliments are often hard to swallow, but as one friend keeps reminding me, sometimes I just need to accept them and say Thank You!

So, thank you to all my colleagues at Graded. I will miss you as well. The true test of our learning together will be if when we  continue to collaborate and learn across distances, no matter where we are…in Brazil, Japan, USA, Luxemburg, England or India….We have the tools… we have the connections… we are not defeated by distances… 🙂

A special “Tweetout” to our  own Silvia Tolisano @langwitches…you will be missed…

@langwitches is a citizen of the world with a heart as big as this world. Tender and caring, Silvia guides our thinking forward #inspire

Silvia Tolisano @langwitches is inspirational, globally connected, a mentor, blogfolio guru, true collaborator and innovator, a great friend

@langwitches is an amazing teacher coach who always fights for what she believes in. She made me a better teacher! #rolemodel

Silvia Tolisano @langwitches listens carefully, gives great suggestions & last but not least, gracefully guides us thru the thinking process

@langwitches is nothing less than marvelous! Extremely open-minded, creative, always 1000 steps ahead. When we call, she comes @GradedBR

Powerful, revolutionary. A mobile, integrated thinker. @langwitches is high-performance, ground-breaking and configured to order #innovative

Tweeter extraordinaire @langwitches is supportive and resourceful. A true collaborator who is cutting edge in her field #globalleadership

Risk-taker. Passionate. Advocate. GURU. @langwitches actively makes her thinking visible and pushes others to do the same #VisibleThinking

@GradedBR will miss Silvia for everything she is and for everything she makes us be. All the very best @langwitches in your next adventure!


@gradedBR #MSfarewell

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