#BLC14 Building Learning Communities: Sharing My Notes

Alan November‘s Building Learning Communities in Boston is one of my favorite conference. The sheer stimulation to my thinking and creativity, the networking with so many brilliant minds, the sharing of successes and failure and meeting so many new interesting educators is unparallelled.

I am sharing my notes in the spirit of enticing readers to dig further into the thoughts and material shared by keynoters and presenters. Show your information literacy by researching the #BLC14 Hashtag, scouting the presenters’ individual blogs, Twitter and slideshare accounts, explore some of the links, or using keywords from my sketchnotes (ex. “participatory culture”, “making learning visible”, “Digital Dualism”, etc.)  to google further information.

michael-fullan-keynote-byTolisanokeynote-sketchnotes-by-tolisano  alec-couros-keynote-byTolisanoPeterReynolds-stories-that-matter-sketchnotes-tolisano documenting-for-learning-torres digital-ethics-dkuropatwa-sketchnotes-tolisano