Building a Professional Development Hub for your School- Part 2- Characteristics

This is part 2of the blog post series: Building an online Professional Development Hub for your School

Building_a_PD_hub-characteristicsCharacteristics of an Online PD Hub for Schools. A hub is:

  • shared
    Sharing of resources is the beginning, sharing of successes and failures in our professional practices to receive feedback is the next.
  • documented
    By documenting (taking the time to writing down  reflecting on teaching and learning) and sharing the documentation provides evidence of a process and created artifacts.
  • searchable
    The documentation is not scattered, nor available to just a few members of the school community, but is collected in one place that is searchable for all for future evidence and connections.
  • archived
    Resources, artifacts and reflection of learning do not disappear after a project, a book study, a webinar or a workshop is over, but are being archived for later retrieval to be searched, built upon and connected to future professional development learning.
  • open for feedback
    Sharing openly and transparently online (even on a closed school PD hub) adds the component of being able to receive feedback for your contributions from other members of the hub. The feedback cycle becomes an important component in the school PD hub for motivation, continuously extending your thinking and work.
  • an aid in the process of writing and reflection
    Every teacher is a writing teacher. Every teacher strives to help their students reflect on their learning. John Dewey said: “We don’t learn from experiences, but from reflecting on the experience”.  Teachers have little opportunity or take the time to continue to write and reflect on their own. A PD hub gives teachers the platform and the “excuse” to practice and hone their writing and reflection skills to then be able to take these skills and translate them into their classroom and teaching.

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