Top 10 Visuals & Infographics on Langwitches

There is no question that I am a visual learner. Not only do visuals created by others help me make context and content clearer to me, but visuals also play a pivotal role in the process of thinking about, wrapping my mind around, developing, connecting, and making my work visible in order to share with others.

I have experimented with infographics, sketchnotes, slides, and hybrid visuals. I use tools such as:

Here are the Top 10 Visuals & Infographics on Langwitches :

10- From Visible Thinking Routines to Modern Learning Routines


9- Building Google C.U.L.T.U.R.E


8- 4 Big Ideas Around the Connected Educator

Globally Connected Educator- Beyond Plugging In.001

7-Digital Portfolios are the Glue that Holds it All Together


6- Develop Shareable Content For Schools


5- What are the Biggest Mistakes when Integrating Technology in the Classroom


4- Visible Thinking Routines in Blogging

Visible Thinking Routines for Blogging

3- Reflection in the Learning Process, not as an add-on


2- Copyright Flowchart: Can I Use It? Yes? No? If This… Then…

Copyright Flowchart

1-Upgraded KWL