Digital Portfolios: Blogs VS. Seesaw

In my recent visit to Melbourne, Australia , I had the opportunity to chat with Edna Sackson (Teaching and Learning Coordinator) and Linda Wollan (e-Learning Coordinator) at Mount Scopus Memorial College about their work around using digital portfolios on a blogging platform (blogfolios) , such as edublogs and on the Seesaw platform.
This conversation came about as the school was/is trying to decide to put their efforts into using one platform over the other or if they would use both for different purposes. I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that these types of decisions were taken to the faculty to involve them into the decision making process.
Edna shares:
According to Silvia it’s not all that common for teachers for be involved in decision making. To us it’s imperative. We met during Silvia’s visit to clarify the purpose of blogs as compared with Seesaw, so that we could add her voice to the other perspectives. Each team discussed and recorded their views on the advantages and disadvantages of blogs and Seesaw, the digital portfolio app we’ve been exploring this year. As always, we will use the data gathered from the teams to decide how to proceed.
I also invited Edna and Linda to collaborate on this blog post with me in order to share out a snapshot of the discussion as well as a summary of the collaborative brainstorming session around the following:
  • purposes of each platform
    do we need one or the other or do we need both platforms?
  • advantages of each platform
    what does one platform allow us to do that the other one might not?
  • disadvantages of each platform

Having been a blogger for the past 10 years,  I am very familiar with the blogging platform such as edublogs which is based on wordpress. Just recently, I started learning about the Seesaw platform by attending several workshops at different conferences and by creating a “family classroom” that I share with my daughter and son-in-law to document and keep track of my grandchildren’s growth and learning.

Below you will find my preliminary thoughts about the platform’s individual purpose for the Pre K-6 context.


 Listen in on the faculty meeting sharing out their experience and points of view from different grade levels and subject areas.



image credit: Edna Sackson


image credit: Edna Sackson


image credit: Edna Sackson


image credit: Edna Sackson


image credit: Edna Sackson

Edna and Linda, collected the large pieces of paper created by individual groups and unpacked the content, summarizing the purpose, advantages and disadvantages of each platform in their school context. You can find their summary in the two tables below.

blogs-vs-seesaw.001 blogs-vs-seesaw.002

Further Questions to ponder?

  • Might Seesaw be a great way of introducing students to the world of digital portfolios and blogging? K-2 Seesaw, then students graduate firstly to posting on a class blog (names used as categories), then to their own blogfolios?
  • How is each platform used to “do something” with the documentation artifacts? On teacher side? On student side?

Have you looked into or are using Seesaw? Has  or is your school contemplating moving from blogs to Seesaw or have you decided to stick with the blogging platform? We would love to hear from you. Please add your perspective to the conversation.