Want to Learn About Sketchnoting this Summer?

If you looking for summer professional development and a fantastic conference to attend, I would like to suggest coming to Alan November’s Building Learning Communities conference in July 2017 in Boston, USA.

  • It is THE conference that I attend for MY own learning every year.
  • THE place where I meet so many members of my PLN in person and renew the fire that fuels my passion for moving forward in education, learn about exciting ideas, and create new global connections.
  • It is THE conference in the US, where I get to meet International educators and create bonds for potential global projects.

I will be presenting a few workshops during the main conference, but I want to specifically invite you to a Master class I will be facilitating during the pre-conference, where I will be sharing my passion for sketchnoting.

Sketchnoting: Visual Notetaking – LIMITED SEATS

Tuesday, July 25, 2017 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Sketchnoting has had a deep impact on my learning over the last few years. The biggest hurdle that I had to overcome is my self-imposed thinking that I “just can’t draw”, that I “just am not an artist”. I jumped over my own shadow and thought: Get over it… I don’t care… I am going to try this anyway…

Almost three years down the road, I have sketchnoted TED talks, blog posts, articles, presentations, visuals, meetings, keynotes, posters, brainstorming sessions, birthday cards, shopping lists and even contributed chapter summaries for an upcoming published book.

Sitting down to sketchnote my thoughts and ideas has a soothing effect when I feel information overload coming on. It allows my mind to work in different ways, think about concepts and connections in a different way.

Come join me in Boston to jump over your own shadow and try sketchnoting with me!


The term sketchnoting describes a style of visual note-taking recently gaining popularity among conference attendees. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be an artist to sketchnote and to take advantage of a different type of learning and making content connections beyond conference keynotes . Sketchnoting is helping make your thinking visible and shareable as you are reading a professional book, watching a movie clip, reading an educational blog post or article or listening to a lecture of conference keynote.
This workshop is for educators who want to hone their abilities to listen more intently, summarize and organize their notes in a visual way and learn how to do this with their students.
We will look at structures of a sketchnote, typography, connectors, and containers. There will be plenty of time to practice and build your own visual library.
Please bring your own sketchnoting journal, pencil and colored markers or a tablet with a sketchnoting app downloaded (ex. Paper by FiftyThree)