Re-Certification: Jumping Through Hoops

The renewal for my teacher certification is up in 2020. Since I live in the state of Florida in the USA, I need to fulfill certain requirements to continue to keep my teaching certification for another 5 years. Since I do not work for a particular school, nor am I employed in a school district, I am pretty much on my own in navigating the Florida Department of Education. It seems that I have only one choice to renew and that is by taking university credit courses, that can demonstrate, through a transcript, that I continued my learning in the field of education (!!!). While school or district based employees can collect professional development points as they attend workshops or conferences, the state of Florida, will not accept, that I teach/facilitate/create those workshops that teachers attend for their own re-certification points. It also does not seem acceptable to have written and published an entire book about education to qualify as a re-certification requirement

So on to jumping through hoops in my quest for that renewal… in case… I ever wanted to return to work at a school to teach in a traditional classroom.

I decided to take an online course, that would give me the University credit/transcript that the State was requiring. Since I already felt, that I was jumping through hoops, I wanted the courses to be as relevant to my work, educational interests and coaching position as possible. I remembered that Kim Cofino and Chrissy Hellyer, two educators that I have incredible respect for, were offering these uni credits via their company Eduro Learning. After briefly chatting with Kim, I signed up for two of their courses which would give me the credits through the Heritage Institute via Antioch University Seattle.

I am currently at the beginning of the following two courses Teaching Critical Literacy in a Multimedia World and Pedagogical Approaches for the Tech-Rich Classroom.

I will use my blog to share class assignments, reflections and action items.

Stay tuned as I jump through hoops, but making the best of it. Thank you Kim and Chrissy, the course facilitators, for personalizing and customizing the course as much as possible to make it as relevant to me as possible!