Connecting & Combining

It has almost become a sport for me to find ways to connect and combine different areas of interest to me.

It all started with the realization that I can’t learn it all, that there is not enough time in the day to do it all. My solution for now? Find ways to connect the things as much as possible. As a list maker, I am trying to always find ways to do ONE thing, but being able to check off at least TWO or THREE items on my list.

Example: When I prepare for a workshop with teachers (one box on my to-do list), I try to find ways to connect something else I am already doing to embed it or use one item to add value to the other. Another item on my to-do list is to record a segment for a podcast. How can I connect the audio recording of the podcast as part of the learning experience for the workshop?

Another example is my new running hobby. As I am learning about running, training for races, I try to connect “my hobby” and my time spent with other areas of my work. Examples: Running and Documenting Learning, iPhoneography, Documenting a Process & Running, Sketchnoting & Reflection & Running.

I recently had heard about the hashtag #runandrant from Keren Gordon. Educators share a short reflection about a topic in education, as they are running. Since I run 5-6 days a week and many times think about “educational stuff”, it was the perfect opportunity to reflect, capture and share via that hashtag. You can see my first few attempts below.

What are you connecting and combining to make your professional life easier and more efficient?