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Addendum to iPad App Evaluation

I added a “Checklist” page to the iPad App Evaluation. You can download the updated pdf file here.

Evaluating iPad Apps

I wanted to take a closer look at the iPad Evaluation I previously blogged about in Evaluating Apps with Transformative Use in Mind. The section of Content and Components deserved…

Little Story Maker App: Listening, Reading, Customizing, Personalizing

I am completely impressed with the “Little Story Maker” App by Grasshopper Apps. (Thank you to Karen Lirenman, a first Grade teacher from Surrey, BC, Canada) I happen to visit…

Tiny Tap App in the Foreign Language Classroom

TinyTap is a new app that caught my eye for its potential to make students creators and designers of games on the iPad. The app’s description says it is geared…

Evaluating Apps with Transformative Use of the iPad in Mind

The app development market is exploding. More and more companies are creating “educational apps”. In some cases, they are simply digital versions of a book or a web based tool….