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If we want Web Literate Students, We Need to be Web Literate Educators.

As an extension to my first blog post “Add a Global Perspective to your Google Search“, I wanted to add a video that was inspired by last week’s keynote presentation…


My World of Reading- Part I

Ryan Bretag’s blog posts Reading Digitally: Exploring the World of eBooks sparked the desire in me to continue documenting about my experiences as my reading habits are changing. I want…

Global Competence Matrix

The Global Competency Matrix

The Global Competence Matrix was created as part of the Council of Chief State School Officers’ EdSteps Project, in partnership with the Asia Society Partnership for Global Learning. You can…


Add Global Perspectives to your Google Search

When you are multilingual, you are used to the fact that news is being reported differently (from another point of view/perspective) in different countries. Before the Internet, you only knew…


Guide to 21st Century Skills, Literacies, Fluency Flyer

You can download the Guide to 21st Century Skills, Literacies, Fluency (pdf) here. 21stcentury Skills Literacies Fluency