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Reflection about Anne Frank and Making Blogging Connections

I read the book ” The Diary of Anne Frank” as an eleven year old and was inspired to begin writing my own diary, which I have continued for over…


Blogging Rubric in Spanish: Rúbrica para Bloguear y Comentar

Being truly global does not mean to only be able to connected within a monolingual world. We can’t truly speak about global communication and collaboration, if indeed we mean talking…


Langwitches Blog Turns 9 Years Old!

As I was working with teachers at the Goethe Schule in Buenos Aires, Argentina today, supporting them in creating their own new blogs for professional development and to document their…


Truly Global?

Living in the USA (in certain regions), it is sometimes easy to forget that NOT EVERYONE speaks English, or is comfortable with English as a foreign language.Even hanging out on…


Blogging for Learning: Mulling it Over

I am mulling Blogging FOR Learning over and over. It seems to be the glue that holds the puzzle pieces together in terms of contemporary learning and teaching. From 1….