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Managing Several Blogs in Blogger

In preparation for the fall, I am adding a seperate blog for my adult Spanish class. Let’s see how managing several blogs through Bloggger works. Adult Spanish 1

RSS Feed

I used Feedburner to create a feed, so visitors of Langwitches’ blog can directly add it to their Yahoo site. is a free site, that will create an RSS…

Step-by-Step Guide

I am working on Step-by-Step Guide for other teachers on how to create a class-blog for their students.

Setting up Student Blogs for Upcoming Technology Summer Camp

How will I set up a Blogs for my upcoming Technology Summer Camp? Here are a few things I am concerned about and need to find out before I decide…

Blogger & Serendipity

I am working simultaneously on two different blogging software programs : Blogger and Serendipity, a program that was already installed on my hosting company�s server. By the summer I want…