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What About Avatars- A 3rd Grade Perspective

In the spirit of my previous post Tutorial Designers, Guides, Step-by-Step Instructions: Amplification & Imagination, we are getting into the habit of “creating” by articulating our learning create documentation of…

Tutorial Designers, Guides, Step-by-Step Instructions: Amplification & Imagination

“Tutorial Designer” is one of the six roles, Alan November lists in his Digital Learning Farm that empower student learners and describes in his book ‘Who owns the Learning?. Take…


There is More to iPads in the Classroom Than Apps

In a previous post, Evaluating Apps with Transformative Use of the iPad in Mind, I describe my ambivalence about teacher asking my for the “perfect” app to teach this or that….


The Digital Learning Farm and iPad Apps

I previously published a chart of Bloom’s Taxonomy and iPad Apps, which I use regularly when planning projects or look to reinforce certain skills and literacies. Since I also rely…

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Screencasting Apps for the iPad

Teaching ourselves, our students and other educators how to use screenshooting (images) and screencasting (video) tools is a relevant skill to have that integrates in so many areas. Think Tutorial…