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Be the Fly on the Wall: Mystery Skype

There can never be enough examples from the classroom to share. The benefits are many, from creating a ripple effect  of digitally documenting and sharing to a glimpse in someone else’s classroom by…


Building Content Knowledge: Collaborate and Curate

Mark Engstrom. 8th grade Geography teacher and Assistant Principal at Graded- The American School of São Paulo, has redesigned his entire course. Students move through the modules of this blended…

Marble earth

Global Students- Global Perspectives Projects

I am pleased to share with you an opportunity for Middle School Students to collaborate on a global perspectives project. Mark Engstrom, the Assistant Principal and Middle School Geography teacher…


Amplification of a Transportation Unit & a Survey

In a unit on Transportation, our Kindergarteners read a large picture book “On the Move!” by Donna Latham Students got so interested into learning about different ways people around the…


Where the Hell is Matt- Evolution

I have been following the “Where the Hell is Matt” videos since 2006. I always thought the video is a great hook for students into geography. There are three versions…

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