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Evaluating iPad Apps

I wanted to take a closer look at the iPad Evaluation I previously blogged about in Evaluating Apps with Transformative Use in Mind. The section of Content and Components deserved…


Visible Thinking in Math- Part 1

The conversation about visible thinking in Math started with one of our teachers at Graded, The American School of São Paulo, Adam Hancock, wanting to know how he could incorporate…


Self- Directed Course: iPads in the Classroom

Professional Learning Board just released a Self-study  iPads in the Classroom course I wrote. It is a  self-directed course to take in your own time and at your own speed….


What the iPad Is and What it Isn’t

As teachers are seeing more and more iPads in education and either using their own devices or being given a teacher iPad or a class set, it is important to…


More iPad Workflow Scenarios

I brainstormed a few more workflow possibilities with a basic app toolkit. The Basic App Toolkit contains app that I consider helpful/useful for creating workflows for teachers and students in…