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3 Steps To Start Learning How 2 Learn

There are a lot of thoughts and ideas about what learning in the 21st century is supposed to look like. Most likely you are constantly bombarded with books, workshops, keynote…


Literature Circle Discussion: Part II- Another Layer

In Part 1 of Literature Circle Discussions, I shared 6th Grade Humanities teacher, Emily Vallillo‘s well structured and organized Literature Circle lesson. Literature circles are a way to support students…

network-standing on shoulders of giants

Standing on the Shoulder of My Network

In honor of Connected Educator Month, I wanted to pay tribute to educators who inspire me and I learn from daily, virtually and in person. They feed my professional soul,…


Workflow and Learnflow

I have been using the words workflow and learnflow in conjunction with learning in the modern world. Workflow is defined by Wikipedia as: The sequence of industrial, administrative, or other…


Connected Educators, Leaders and Schools

Connected students need connected teachers. Connected teachers need backing from connected administrators. Connected administrators create and support connected schools! What do I mean by connected? I am looking beyond the…

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