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A Timeline: Tool Set – Skill Set – Mind Set

In my previous post titled Enhancement-Automating-Transforming-Informating, I described the fusion (in my mind) of the SAMR model with Alan November’s concept of Automating vs. Informating to transform teaching and learning….

network fluency

Building your Personal Learning Network

A Personal Learning Network (PLN) is a group of people you count on to: guide you in your learning be your source of advice and resources make you aware of…


Guest Blogger- Heather Durnin On New Forms of School and Learning

Heather Durning who blogs on Mrs. D’s Flight Plan has graciously allowed me to cross post her latest post here on Langwitches. I believe her blog post is invaluable as…

What is YOUR Passion Puzzle Piece?

Cross posted on Angela Maier’s blog! In the month of November, Angela Maier, asked a number of educators to write about PASSION. Each one of the contributors will add their…

Visual Thinking and Learning in the Classroom

It was a post titled “Formats for Visual Thinking in the Classroom“  from Richard Byrne on Free Technology for Teachers, that prompted me to write this post. I am a…