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Bloom’s Taxonomy and iPad Apps

LearningToday shares with everyone two beautiful posters, that help us remember Bloom’s Taxonomy: the Blooming Butterfly and the Blooming Orange. How do we connect the Bloom’s Taxonomy with the iPad?…

KWHLAQ chart template

Upgrade your KWL Chart to the 21st Century

Interested in learning even more about Upgrading the KWL chart to the 21st Century? I created a course that walks you step-by -step through applications in the classroom. Head on…



In the School Library Monthly  a post titled I.Need.Reflection caught my attention. You can read: I’m acutely aware that I’m flooded with input without having the time to arrange that…


A Timeline: Tool Set – Skill Set – Mind Set

In my previous post titled Enhancement-Automating-Transforming-Informating, I described the fusion (in my mind) of the SAMR model with Alan November’s concept of Automating vs. Informating to transform teaching and learning….

network fluency

Building your Personal Learning Network

A Personal Learning Network (PLN) is a group of people you count on to: guide you in your learning be your source of advice and resources make you aware of…