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Interested in Working and Learning with Langwitches in 2015?

Readers of the Langwitches blog know the passion I have for sharing my work and own learning path around of 21st century, modern, contemporary, the “now” literacies with educators and…


3 Reasons Why You Should Share and 3 Things You can Do to Start Sharing

I am back on my soapbox… …because I continue to see great things happening in classrooms, but get blank stares, when I ask, if these things are being shared beyond…


Professional Development: Got a Twitter Minute?

Funny how a Learning Network trail can lead one to unexpected destinations   Follow along the bread crumbs to see where the trail came from and what it led to……


The 5 Cs in Education: What If… Sketchnoting in the Process

After my sketchnoting workshop at Miami Device, I was asked to record my process of CREATING the sketchnotes. I used Airserver to mirror my iPad display to my laptop Used…


Miami Device, A Fantastic Conference Experience

I speak at a lot of conferences. It is a rare opportunity when I am able to attend a conference without the responsibility of a keynote or facilitating several sessions….