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AmplifiEDucation: Upgrade your KWL Chart to the 21st Century

About 1 year ago, I joined four other women from 4 different countries (USA, Argentina, Brazil and New Zealand) to found amplfiEDucation. We believe in globally connected learning, not only…


We Need Engaged Educators

All our best strategies, plans, projects, initiatives, etc. will all come to nothing and fizzle out, if we, as educators (Yes, I am also talking about teachers AND administrators) are…


3 Things I Wish Educators Knew About their Own Learning

I meet many educators around the world, virtually and in person… Many times, I am still amazed at the resistance to new ideas, change and willingness to apply the learning…


A Learning Visit to Ecuador

I was thrilled to have been invited to visit and work with teachers, administrators and parents at Academia Cotopaxi in Quito, Ecuador. “Learn in Community”  is a motto that every…


Documenting FOR Learning: #amplifiEDU Chat in October

The 3rd #amplifiEDU Twitter Chat has been scheduled. Mark your calendars and join us! October 14, 2015 – 8 pm EST! Our topic of discussion will be: Documenting FOR Learning….