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Announcing #amplifiEDU Chat

The concept of amplified education is fascinating! The Free Dictionary defines the verb “amplify” as: To make larger or more powerful; increase. To add to, as by illustrations; make complete….


Professional Development: 21st Century Education: Preparing Today’s School for Tomorrow’s Future

The world is changing in exponential ways due to technology. Education is not an exception. Consumers are turning into producers. Kindergarteners are turning into authors with a worldwide audience. Middle…


Upgrade Curriculum Through Globally Connected Learning

Below you will see a slide deck, I shared with an Elementary School during a webinar a few weeks ago addressing challenges and examples of globally connected learning. Upgrade Curriculum…


New Zealand: Don’t Miss Out- Maintaining Momentum with Modern Learning

I am excited to share the following Professional Development opportunity for educators and schools in New Zealand. Helix Consulting from New Zealand is excited to be able to offer a…


Re-Think Professional Development

NOW is the time to think about this summer and next school year’s Professional Development for your School. The world we live in requires schools to address new kinds of…