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Learning to Change, Changing to Learn Video

Kids explain their passion for technology. How can we not LISTEN to them and CONTINUE to teach them like NOTHING has CHANGED?

Components of a Technology Integration Rich School

I was asked by my principal to think BIG. What would a technology rich school look like?  My first thought was to correct the title of the assignment. Not a…

You Have Exceeded Your Allocation For IT Support

The link to the above cartoon came via twitter from mclobridge. Thanks!

World Language Teachers Integrating Technology

It has been 2 years, since I was in the classroom teaching Spanish to elementary school students. I am often asked  if I miss it. I do miss having classes…

What Makes the WhiteBoard Interactive ?

What makes the Whiteboard Interactive? Finding an answer to this question is very important to me. Since I first touched a SmartBoard at my friend Andrea H.’s (from EdTechWorkshop) school…