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Telling a Story With Data

6th graders, under the facilitation of their Math teacher, Laurel Janewicz, have learned to take data, analyze the data and tell a story with it. They are demonstrating their understanding…

Student Blogs -SAMR2

Upgrading Blogs Through Lens of SAMR

The step from using a static website or emails as a mean to share announcements or calendar items  to sharing the same type of items on a blogging platform is…


Sharing and Amplification Ripple Effect

What Do You Have to Lose?  was a blog post I wrote 4 years ago… It is a new idea for many classroom teachers/students to move from writing, reading and…

AASSA- Curriculum Upgrade & Amplify Exercise

There is a NEED and URGENCY of updating curriculum and instructional repertoire to give the critical literacies of our century justice. Upgrading and amplifying traditionally taught activities, lessons, units or…


Literature Circle Discussions: Part I

6th Grade Middle School humanities teacher, Emily Vallillo, was ready to add another layer to her literature circle discussion. Her learning targets for the literature circles were clear. Learning Target…

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