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Assessment in the Modern Classroom: Part One

In a previous post, Learning in the Modern Classroom, I started highlighting our school’s attention to not only providing amplified learning opportunities, but also the creation of new forms of…


Learning About Communities…Not From Textbooks

I recently wrote about Thinking About Learning Differently- Talking to Strangers, where I mentioned our third graders journey of skyping around the world to learn about different communities. They have…


Thinking About Learning Differently- Talking to Strangers

Our third graders are learning about different communities.They have spoken via Skype with classes from a suburb of Los Angeles, CA , an rural community in Missouri and a city,…


Getting Started with Skype- Info-Flyer

Gude to The Digital Learning Farm Guide to 21st Century Skills, Literacies & Fluency Guide to Blogging Guide to Globally Connected Learning Guide to Twitter in the K-8 Classroom iPad:…

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The Excitement of Learning

As a teacher, you know when your students are excited about learning. It is what you work for. Is is part of the passion that makes you a true educator….