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“I Love this World” Song

I Love This World song from a Discovery Channel commercial.

Wicked- The Musical

I was simply blown away yesterday when I saw Wicked on Broadway. It was not only the amazing set and costumes and incredible voices of the actors, but it was…

Is America Getting Dumber?

My Wonderful World Blog mentioned in an article entitled “Are Americans hostile to global knowledge” Susan Jacoby (author of “The Age of American Unreason”) , Noah Oppenheim and Matt Lauer’s…

Top Ten List for Educational Video-Clips

Here is another list as promised. I wanted to point out my Top Ten Videos of 2007. I have placed these in my favorites on YouTube and have used them…

A Vision of Students today

Since my daughter is a freshman in college, this video clip by Michael Wesch from Kansas State University hits home in more than one way.