If you were to Start a School from Scratch….

Over the past few years, I had many conversations with colleagues and teacher friends what it would be like to start, build, run and work at our own school. What…


3 Reasons Why You Should Share and 3 Things You can Do to Start Sharing

I am back on my soapbox… …because I continue to see great things happening in classrooms, but get blank stares, when I ask, if these things are being shared beyond…


Skype Translator Opens the Classroom to the World

Microsoft launched a preview of its Skype Translator service, a real time translation service supporting over 40 languages. The preview was filmed at Colegios Peterson in Mexico City, an AASSA…


Professional Development: Got a Twitter Minute?

Funny how a Learning Network trail can lead one to unexpected destinations   Follow along the bread crumbs to see where the trail came from and what it led to……


Blogging for Learning: Mulling it Over

I am mulling Blogging FOR Learning over and over. It seems to be the glue that holds the puzzle pieces together in terms of contemporary learning and teaching. From 1….