Visual Note Taking at a Conference

I have written about the evolution of note taking before. It is fascinating how the availability of tools and platforms shape our exploration of new forms of learning. 2nd Grade…


Make Something Invisible Visible

The following is an attempt to document learning and to make something invisible visible. It is meant as a demonstration of “The Power of Twitter” . I am trying to…


Embedding Documentation in Your Classroom

In February of 2015, I started a coaching journey with a group of 7 teachers at the German School (Goethe Schule) in Buenos Aires. The professional development framework was based…


3 Things I Wish Educators Knew About their Own Learning

I meet many educators around the world, virtually and in person… Many times, I am still amazed at the resistance to new ideas, change and willingness to apply the learning…


Estudiando el Aprendizaje: Establecer Hábitos de Documentación, Reflexión y Análisis

Angela Stockman recientemente publicó una entrada en su blog, titulado: Studying Learning: A Quick Guide to Documentation, Reflection & Analysis (Estudiando el Aprendizaje: Establecer Hábitos de Documentación, Reflexión y Análisis)….