Make Something Invisible Visible

The following is an attempt to document learning and to make something invisible visible. It is meant as a demonstration of “The Power of Twitter” . I am trying to…


Embedding Documentation in Your Classroom

In February of 2015, I started a coaching journey with a group of 7 teachers at the German School (Goethe Schule) in Buenos Aires. The professional development framework was based…


3 Things I Wish Educators Knew About their Own Learning

I meet many educators around the world, virtually and in person… Many times, I am still amazed at the resistance to new ideas, change and willingness to apply the learning…


Estudiando el Aprendizaje: Establecer Hábitos de Documentación, Reflexión y Análisis

Angela Stockman recientemente publicó una entrada en su blog, titulado: Studying Learning: A Quick Guide to Documentation, Reflection & Analysis (Estudiando el Aprendizaje: Establecer Hábitos de Documentación, Reflexión y Análisis)….


Don’t Just Display: Make Documenting OF/FOR/AS Learning Visible

Donna Miller Fry in a post Where is the Beef? speaks directly to my own thinking when she asks: When we talk about “Visible Learning” and “Visible Thinking”, can we…