Global Awareness via Snapchat Life Stories

I am fascinated how the social media platform Snapchat is bringing global awareness to its users! I noticed specific cities appearing for 24 hours on the app: In small tidbits…


How to bring Social Media to a Conference focused on Learning… not Technology?

Social Media has given educators the opportunity for self-directed, collaborative and connected learning. Network literacy , according to Eric Hellweg, requires a basic understanding of network technology, intelligence, capabilities and…


6 Ways I Use Pinterest

Pinterest has the reputation of being the social network platform of women. There are hundreds of boards that fit the typical cliché of teenie girls with movie star crushes, women…


Upgrade Curriculum Through Globally Connected Learning

Below you will see a slide deck, I shared with an Elementary School during a webinar a few weeks ago addressing challenges and examples of globally connected learning. Upgrade Curriculum…


New Zealand: Don’t Miss Out- Maintaining Momentum with Modern Learning

I am excited to share the following Professional Development opportunity for educators and schools in New Zealand. Helix Consulting from New Zealand is excited to be able to offer a…

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