New Zealand: Don’t Miss Out- Maintaining Momentum with Modern Learning

I am excited to share the following Professional Development opportunity for educators and schools in New Zealand. Helix Consulting from New Zealand is excited to be able to offer a…


Re-Think Professional Development

NOW is the time to think about this summer and next school year’s Professional Development for your School. The world we live in requires schools to address new kinds of…


ASCD Connect 21 Summer Camp

Join me at ASCD Connect 21 Summer Camp: August 6-8, 2015 The first ASCD Connect 21 Summer Camp Becoming a 21st Century Teacher, Leader and School You will create a…


The What? Why? How? of Documenting4Learning

My work in formalizing Documenting4Learning is moving forward. In good old fashion, regarding practicing what one preaches, I am documenting my journey: Learning to Document FOR Learning and Sharing Copyright…


Sharing and Building Upon

How can I make it even MORE visible that sharing our work as educators is one of the critical components of the “learning revolution“? Sharing means amplification. Amplification means spreading…

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