Used Effectively or Simply Used?

Beth Holland shared her presentation “Used Effectively or Simply Used” from the ASCD conference 2015 as a slide deck via Twitter. The message from her slides caught my attention… I…


Learning to Document FOR Learning and Sharing

We are in the middle of a enormous change of the culture of teaching and learning. The teacher must see himself/herself as a learner, since he/she is on uncharted territory…


Blogging Rubric in Spanish: Rúbrica para Bloguear y Comentar

Being truly global does not mean to only be able to connected within a monolingual world. We can’t truly speak about global communication and collaboration, if indeed we mean talking…


Sketchnote: Conference Presentation by Will Richardson: From Old School to Bold School

I was part of the AASSA Educators’ Conference in Curaçao. Below are my notes from Will Richardson’s session From Old School to Bold School: Making the Jump from Traditional to…


Copyright and Backchanneling in the Music Classroom

This post is another one in the series of posts originating from Professional Development Framework: Documenting for Learning Dani Aisen, a music teacher, at Mount Scopus Memorial College, was part…

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