A Twitter Goodbye

As I am preparing to leave Brazil to return to home base in Florida, many goodbyes are slowly being exchanged. We said goodbye to our students on the last day…

blogging as pedagogy

Blogging as Pedagogy: Facilitate Learning

Blogging should not be an add-on, not an isolated project, but should be seen as PEDAGOGY. Ann Davis shared a definition of Pedagogy beyond a  simple “method of teaching” (unfortunately I was…


And You Thought it Could Not Be Done: Blogging in Math

Sometimes I am still amazed that not more Language Arts teachers have taken a good look at blogging. It seems such a match made in heaven: giving students an authentic audience…


Back to The Future Project: Life Cycle Snapshots in Target Language

Ana Paula Cortez, a Portuguese teacher at Graded, The American School of São Paulo, got her 7th and 8th Grade students excited about practicing the target language during a Life Cycle unit….


Telling a Story With Data

6th graders, under the facilitation of their Math teacher, Laurel Janewicz, have learned to take data, analyze the data and tell a story with it. They are demonstrating their understanding…