And You Thought it Could Not Be Done: Blogging in Math

Sometimes I am still amazed that not more Language Arts teachers have taken a good look at blogging. It seems such a match made in heaven: giving students an authentic audience…


Back to The Future Project: Life Cycle Snapshots in Target Language

Ana Paula Cortez, a Portuguese teacher at Graded, The American School of São Paulo, got her 7th and 8th Grade students excited about practicing the target language during a Life Cycle unit….


Telling a Story With Data

6th graders, under the facilitation of their Math teacher, Laurel Janewicz, have learned to take data, analyze the data and tell a story with it. They are demonstrating their understanding…


Week 4 MOOC- Coaching Teachers: Promoting Changes That Stick

This is Week 4 of the MOOC-Coaching Teachers: Promoting Changes that Stick by Match Education. Week 4 talks about Quality of Feedback and follows Week 1:Big Ideas about Effective Teacher…

Student Blogs -SAMR2

Upgrading Blogs Through Lens of SAMR

The step from using a static website or emails as a mean to share announcements or calendar items  to sharing the same type of items on a blogging platform is…