We are Multicolored

What a gem I received today from my Twitter network. Thank you Karen Bosch. Karen twittered the link to We are Multicolored.
I am so excite, that I can’t wait to show this site to my students and let them get creative. The site inspired to create your own flag. One that represents YOU and YOUR heritage, acknowledging that we are all different and come from or yearn to go to different places.

By browsing already uploaded flags you can read comments that each designer left about their flag, maybe even insights� why they chose the colors and designs of the flags that they picked.


To design your own, you have the choice to pick three countries by answering these questions:

  1. Where is your home?
  2. What other country has affected you?
  3. Where have you dreamed of going?


Once the countries are selected, you are placed in design mode and get drag and drop individual parts from each flag onto your design. Each selection can also be resized, turned, sent to front or back. Very cool! While you have the country’s flag selected you can read on the right side the symbolism of the colors or symbols on the flag


Once the flag is created you have the option of downloading it as a .jpg file or e-mailing it. Would be great if they also would make an embed code to copy/paste available.

I think this will be a great activity for ALL grade levels. Global awareness and creative designing at its best. We need more sites like this one!