Introduction to Blogging Lesson Plan


Check out Kim Cofino’s  Lesson Plan One from her Blogging is Elementary post and her thoughts on introducing and examining quality student blogs.

Here is my plan of getting the kids started:

1. Have students explore Our ABC Blook on Blogging to get an idea of what blogging means for some other elementary school students.

2. Develop your own list of things your students know about blogs and blogging.

3. Guide your students to understand that blogging is:

  • reading AND writing
  • a conversation
  • communication with a larger audience
  • about EVERY subject
  • a portfolio of  learning, work, thoughts, feelings, life, etc

4. Have students read examples of elementary school student blog. You can divide them into groups to explore several of the  listed links. Ask them to pay special attention to:

  • How old – what grade are the bl0ggers?
  • Writing:
    • What kind of topics are discussed on the blogs?
    • Are many emoticons, exclamation marks, text message shorthand (ex. OMG, G2G, IDK) used?
  • Comments:
    • Do comments have something to do with the post?
  • Do students have their own blogs? Commenting only? Writing their own posts?
  • Online safety: Are students using their first and last names? Giving way other personal information?
  • What kind of links are on the blog?
    • Are there ads/commercials?

Elementary School Student Blogs

Thanks to Paul Hamilton and his blog post Blogging Lessons, watch the following video clip with your students from Jan Smith’s grade 6 classwhere every student is a blogger.

Another update

Through the Student Blogging Competition on Miss Wyatt’s class Technology in the classroom, here are some more student blog links.