Collaborative VoiceThread- I have a Dream

Nancy von Wahlde from the American School of Madrid and I have been trying to collaborate on a project for a while now. We finally settled on connecting two of our first grade classes (Allison W. & Meghan M.)

We started looking at each others curriculum maps for the next few months and paid attention to units that were overlapping. It looked like that “I have a dream” writing assignment was one that we had in common.

After speaking with my first grade teacher Allison W., we settled on using their written “I have a Dream” essay and have students record them into VoiceThread.


I created placeholder images for each student from both schools. They will record their “I have a dream” essay directly on that image, using their own avatars, which are identities under the teacher’s account.


Each student will record their “dream” on the place holder image with their name. Their assigned buddy from the other class will be listening to the audio and THEN draw a picture illustrating the dream. We were lucky that each class had exactly 18 students.

We would love to make it possible to have each buddy talk with their partner (on Skype) AFTER they have listened to dream, but BEFORE they draw the picture. That way they already have heard their buddy’s voice and know already something about him/her. It might also give them the opportunity to ask some clarification questions before they start drawing.

Those illustration can be scanned in, digital picture taken or directly drawn in a drawing program.  They will then replace the place holder images.