Web 2.0 for Young Learners

Title: Engage Young Learners with Web 2.0 Tools
Presenter: Gail Lovely
Description:  Discover curriculum-rich possibilities of engaging Web 2.0 tools like Skype, YackPack, Wikis, and VoiceThread in primary classrooms. Explore real learning ideas, not just “Gee Whiz!”



  • Moving from Computer as a toy to computer as a tool
  • Younger students should be encouraged to work in pairs.
  • Get headset splitters.
  • Teach and reward process AND products.
  • Link computers in the lab to student learning!
  • Easy website accessibility is VERY important for the younger students. They should not have to type in any URLs- > too big of a risk>> create your own website /wiki to publish these links for your students. Try to include images, so they are not only text driven.