Web-based Activities & Resources for Elementary School Students

Here is a growing list of interesting sites to explore for elementary school students. Please add any favorites of yours in the comment section.

Elementary Learning Sites

  • Learning your Alphabet
    Help a monkey shake coconuts out of the tree
  • Count Us in Games
    Games designed to help children understand basic number concepts
  • Between the Lions
    Get Wild about Reading
  • English & Math & Science
    from BBC
  • Early Reading Skills
    Educational Games
  • Spelling City
    Enter your own spelling words, then select: Test me, Teach me or Play a Game
  • Reading Website for emerging Readers
  • 50 One Stop Online Learning Activities by Scholastic
  • Sight Words with Samson
    Kindergarten & 1st Grade
  • ABCya
    Activities include earn the alphabet , uppercase to lowercase letter matching, categorizing, mouse manipulation, drawing, addition, subtraction, counting money, keyboarding practice, identifying computer parts, and much more! Customized for different grade levels
  • WordGirl
    What is your favorite Word? PowerWords ,and Dunk Huggy are just a few games you can play on this site
  • Academic Skill Builder
    Play online games, while practicing multiplication, division, addition, words, vowels, etc.
  • 4Kids.org
    Coconut Vowels, Demolition Division, Word Frog, Word Invasion, Alien Addition, Word Viper, Meteor Multiplication, Minus Mission, Word wizard, State Finder, Coloring Book, Musical Instruments, Beekeeper Game
  • Spin and Spell
    Practice your spelling skills. Similar to Wheel of Fortune
  • Word Central Play games from Merriam-Webster- Robo-Bee, BIGbot, Jumble Kids
  • Puzzle Blocks
    Puzzle play and problem solving. Playing with games and puzzles helps hone our ability to recognize and understand categories, patterns, and associations. Being able to recognize patterns and find new ones helps us bring together what we know to find a single solution to a problem.
  • World Play
  • Word World
    by PBS
  • TVOKids
    Art & Music Games, Adventures and Sports, Puzzle and Words, Math and Science Games
  • Sesame Street Games
    An amazing amount of games from the beloved Sesame Street. Learn about Rhymes, Sorting, Letters, Numbers, Shapes, Math and much more…


Creativity- Drawing

Digital Storytelling


  • Scratch
    Scratch is a new programming language that makes it easy to create your own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art — and share your creations on the web. Scratch is designed to help young people (ages 8 and up) develop 21st century learning skills. As they create Scratch projects, young people learn important mathematical and computational ideas, while also gaining a deeper understanding of the process of design

Typing Programs


  • MyDinos
    Go Questing, play games, make buddies
  • Elephant Odyssey
    On a journey through time, you’ll learn the ways of the mammoths and their modern day descendants, the elephants. Go back 200,000 years and test your skills.
  • Drawminos
    Design your own Domino game. Position each domino piece or ball perfectly
  • Fantastic Contraptions
    A fun Online Physics Puzzle Game
  • Zoopz
    Games that make you think
  • Cubescape
    Stack some cubes
  • LineRider
    Learn about cause and effect
  • Connect All Four
    Game of Strategy
  • I do Dog Tricks
    Type in a command and watch the dog do tricks
  • FancyPants
    Practice your hand-eye coordination. The pants may not look like much to you, but to a stick figure, they’re stylin’ threads! Jump on spiders and find your way to the next level!
  • Animal Planet Games
    have fun playing animal games
  • Lego.com Games
    Indiana Jones Adventure, Deep Jungle, Speed Session. Cryst Alien Conflict, Castle Battle, Lego City
  • Fun School
    Pre-School through 6th grade Activities and Games
  • Crickweb
    Series of fun games
  • Blobs
    Fun game that makes you think!
  • CBeebies
    Fun and Games from BBC: Rhyme Maker, Character Maker, Sharing Stories, Make your own picture stories, Talking stories and more
  • Prongo Games
    Lots of different games for ages 3-12

Social Studies


Research & Reference


  • Earth & Sky for Kids
    Science News and Podcasts for kids.
  • Solar System Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Pest World for Kids
    Come explore the world of pests. Then you can use your knowledge to outwit the pests in your world.
    Remember, that you DO NOT give out your name or e-mail address, unless you are WITH your parent.
  • The Science Museum
    Building Bonanza, Energy Flows, ID-fit, and more…
  • EekoWorld by PBS Kids
    Learn about the Environment, Air & Water, Garbage & Recycling, Games, etc.
  • Tinker Ball
    Build a track for our ball by tinkering with everyday objects.
    Exploratory play is about asking questions: “What happens when I do this?” “What if I did it this way?” Experimenting with materials and pushing their limits encourages us to consider a wide range of possibilities when problem-solving. Playing around with objects and ideas helps us see that there may be more than one solution.