links for 2009-06-12

  • # Quality of Thought: Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Interdisciplinary, Meta-Cognitive, Multi-Sensory, Knowledge Transfer, Community, Flexibility, Synergy, Design, Listening, Innovation, Risk-Taking, Independent
    # Participatory Learning: Play, Performance, Multi-tasking, Collective Intelligence, Judgment, Networking, Simulation, Appropriation, Distributed Cognition, Visualization, Negotiation, and Transliteracy
    # Inquiry-based Learning (problem/project): Research, Collaboration, Design, Present, Contribute, and Reflect
    # Connective Learning
    # Differentiated and Customized Learning
    # Cooperative and Collaborative Learning
    # Authentic
    # Transformative Assessment and Data Use
    # Brain-Based
    # Higher-Order Thinking and Questioning
  • It is really easy to get caught up in all the programs, organizations, and hype tied to the 21st Century and educational technology. The key is not to look for the model but create one! This starts with the engagement of all stakeholders in the three core questions leading to the creation of a multi-dimensional learning space that is grounded and rooted in those answers.
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