Long Distance Storytelling

My 5 year old niece lives in Brazil. I don’t get to see her much… Over this winter break, I was able to share some precious time with her though Skype. I read her several stories as I was showing the accompanying illustrations to her through the webcam. She also read to me in her first attempts.

In order to share some more storytime with her, I recorded a fairy tale, my grandmother used to tell my brother and me when we were children. I found a translation online from the original German story “Der Wolf und die sieben Geisslein” from the Brother Grimm (“The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats”) into Spanish “El lobo y las siete Cabritas”, which is my niece’s first language.

Hopefully, my brother will be able to download the MP3 file and transfer it onto an iPod, so I can continue telling my niece fairy tales and a family tradition can continue through time, space and language barriers.

The Wold and the Seven Little Goats


Right Click and Save Link as to download MP3 file. El Lobo y las Siete Cabritas