Curriculum 21 Ning & Flickr Group

I know, I know… you probably are a member of several Nings, that you don’t have the time to keep up with… but here it goes anyway…another recommendation for a very promising Ning.

Curriculum 21 Ning

You might have read my book review and summary of Curriculum 21 by Heidi Hayes Jacobs. I am continuing to read, explore and makes sense of the content of the book by creating visuals out of quotes and experimenting with different tools in order to connect the information presented by the various contributing authors. The reason I am so excited is that I am witnessing the change of upgrading units/lesson plans/activities/assessments little by little in front of my eyes at my school. It is VERY exciting!

I created a Curriculum21 Flickr Group in order to create a central place for members to contribute their own images and video clips that display and exemplify teaching, learning, lessons, ideas, demonstrations and outcomes of 21st Century Curriculum. I challenge you to dig through your images, upload them to Flickr and share with the Curriculum21 Group.

Also consider joining the Curriculum21 Ning to add YOUR experiences, expertize, questions  and discussions to a growing number of passionate educators who are moving in the right direction.