Transition to Around the World with 80 Schools Ning

Around the World with 80 Schools

Around the World with 80 Schools started in January 2009 and is an ongoing project.

In order to join you have to be directly involved with students (Pre-K-16, Adult Language Learners, etc.). This is NOT the platform for you, if you are charging a fee in order to skype with students.

The challenge is to connect your students with 80 schools from around the world via Skype (a free video conferencing tool).

Once completed, you will be inducted into the Hall of Fame of “Skyping Certified Educator” 🙂 So make sure you keep documentation of your connections. It is up to you how regularly and for how long you connect with your Skype partners. The only requirement to count as a “connection” is that you are connecting your students with another school anywhere in the world. While it will take some participants a few months to complete the challenge, it might take others several years and different student groups to connect with 80 schools. There is no time limit nor pressure to make a certain amount of Skype connections in a given time period. You are welcome to join with your students at any time. There is no grade nor subject area limitations.

“Around he World with 80 School ” has continued to grow beyond expectations. Currently there are over 400 participants.

A few weeks ago, I added a Ning platform to facilitate management, communication and collaboration among members.

The Ning already has over 175 185 members participating.

I am in the process of transitioning ALL the project content to the Ning, which means the

will no longer be active and maintained starting May 1, 2010.

Please take the time to

  1. Sign up for the Ning
  2. Add your location to the Member Map
  3. Document your skype connections on the Ning via links or blog posts.

Add your location to the Member Map

Adding your location to the member map is extremely important since many contacts are being made on the basis of time zones or country/state location.

The Ning is also growing with groups, specializing in certain grade levels or subject area teachers. We have also started a group of “experts” who are offering a subject area expertise and willing to skype into your classroom.