What About That Twitter Thing?

Last week at CMI2010, I had the opportunity to talk to presenters, as well as many participants about Twitter.

I had the feeling that the teachers, administrators, and superintendents, I spoke with, were genuinely interested in learning about Twitter.

Most of them had the notion that “it” was overwhelming and irrelevant to their lives though.  They had heard about Twitter and how it seemed to be the “best Professional Development” tool ever  invented and that more classrooms, schools and districts were starting to use Twitter as a form of communication.. .

…BUT they could not align that notion with their understanding of signing up for Twitter and being inundate with constant snippets of strangers’ whereabouts and responses of  “What is happening?”  in 140 characters or less.

Who has time for that?

It was a pleasure to introduce them to a new way of looking at Twitter, which puts them in complete control  over who they follow and how to grow a learning network  that is personalized to their interests and needs.

It was also important to point out that one did not have to dive in head first, but that it was possible and OK to test the waters and advance into the Twitter world little by little.

Here is another, very detailed  “Getting Started on Twitter”  guides:

I have also written a few Twitter related “How-To?” posts here on Langwitches.