ShowMe App for the iPad- Good Tutorial Designer App?

Through a tip from Twitter, I requested a beta invite from a promising new iPad app called ShowMeApp

It promised to screen capture AND upload the video recording AND then provide me with an embed code. That ability was the one that caught my attention. I have been working with several grade levels over the course of the school year to Become Good Tutorial Designers. Although the emphasis for the younger students is learning how to envision and script step by step tutorials, it has been a challenge to easily produce them. From capturing media with digital cameras, Flip videos, SmartBoard notebook software, Skitch (Screen capture), Garageband (audio), etc. to importing, editing, converting and then uploading them has been somewhat of a hassle ( and there is NEVER enough time!). The more we can hand the process over to the students, the better!

Although ShowMeApp suggests the following reasons for teachers and educators to use their app and community site…

  • Reach more Students
  • As an Online Business Card
  • Being found as a Tutor

…I immediately wanted to see how easy it would be for students to use and to create simple tutorials which could then be shared on classroom blogs and/or wikis.

Initial Screen

Create your Recording

Manage your recordings: Save, upload and choose to share

Grab an embed code from Showmeapp site

We have been working with 4th grade over the last few weeks to create multiplication/Math tutorials. We are finally ready to record the tutorials. I decided last minute to give one group the option of using my iPad with the ShowMeApp. They jumped at the opportunity and immediately were into it. It was super-intuitive, no instructions or help needed from me!

Exploring the ShowmeApp

Testing out recording the script



This group tested and experimented with timing, changing of colors and the overall flow of the step by step guide. All three members of the group were collaborating (two were recording their voices, while the third member of the group was following their directions and visualizing the solution to the problem). Towards the end of the class we had several of the other groups standing around the iPad group and observing. We need one more class for a final recording in quiet surroundings and the tutorial will be ready to go:) So stay tuned for their example (coming soon…).

Here is my initial impression of the app:

I liked:

  • very intuitive
  • simple interface (not many distractions)
  • easy way to upload and get an embed code
  • good sound quality for recordings
  • can use image from photo gallery as background.

What could be improved?

  • more color options including highlighter
  • different brush sizes
  • option to type text
  • different background fill colors to choose from
  • undo button
  • export button of final movie clip

I am thrilled that more and more app developers are remembering that CREATING is the highest level of all Thinking Skills!

Thank you ShowMeApp, you are on the right track.