What Do You Want to Create Today?

Wes Fryer, a blogger I have been following for many years, has created a wonderful resource page called “Mapping Media to the Curriculum” page.

He starts with the simple question:

What do you want to create today?

Take a look… there are MANY examples from the classroom. See what inspires you? See how you can upgrade a traditionally taught lesson or project?

It is not just about the fun and tech “wow” such upgrades can bring, but about the valuable and necessary skills we are exposing our students to (at their developmentally appropriate stage). Skills they will need for THEIR future. Remember what Heidi Hayes Jacobs always says:

“What year are YOU preparing your students for?”

These skills, these kind of media ARE their world. Traditional skills and literacies (reading, writing, etc) are embedded as you are upgrading.