What Do I Post Where?

The faculty at my school has a problem!

Their heads are spinning because they have several different social media platforms available for them.

I have to admit, I am a little proud of this problem 🙂

For clarification: At our school,

  • all teachers are required to maintain a classroom blog (there are at varying stages of the blogging step ladder)
  • all teachers are members of a private Professional Development Ning for our faculty and are required to blog reflectively at least once a week (in lieu of turning in lesson plans).
  • our teachers are encouraged to start and grow their own professional learning blog (not under our school domain) in order to share and connect globally. They are encouraged to cross-post from the Ning.
  • On a voluntary basis (for now), I am working with several grade levels to tweet as a classroom. Step one was for teachers to get their own professional Twitter account in addition to a classroom account. It is a step for them to experience writing in 140 characters or less, build their own learning network and to become aware of “tweetable moments” during their school day or reflective moments at the end of their day.

In order to minimize confusion  for our faculty of  What to Post Where?, I created the following chart (cheat sheet) below to compare the differences, similarities and highlight possibilities (to cross-post for example).

Click to see a larger image or you can also download the flyer as a pdf file